About Meituan

Our mission is: “We Help People Eat Better, Live Better.” As China’s leading e-commerce platform for services, Meituan’s business revolves around the “Food+ Platform” strategy, and is centered on “eating” as its core. Meituan operates several well-known mobile apps in China, including Meituan, Dianping, Meituan Waimai and others. Its business comprises over 200 service categories, including catering, on-demand delivery, car-hailing, bike-sharing, hotel and travel booking, movie ticketing, and other entertainment and lifestyle services, covering over 2,800 cities and counties across China.

Leveraging its advantages in innovative technology, Meituan partners with a vast number of merchants and diverse partners to provide consumers with a higher quality of life. In doing so, Meituan is accelerating the digitization of the lifestyle services industry across both demand and supply.

Meituan (3690.HK) was officially listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on September 20, 2018. Meituan continues to center its business on customers, while increasing its investment in technology R&D, in order to better fulfill its social responsibilities, create more value for society, and achieve win-win cooperation with its partners.

We Help People Eat Better, Live Better.

Meituan is a one-stop platform for food, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment. The value we create serves not only to help everyone eat better, but also to improve their lifestyles, helping them to live and travel better.

Eat Better

Eating better is a need that we all have, and Meituan’s primary goal is to help society realize this need. We’re expanding our scope to meet the needs of hundreds of millions of consumers, helping them to eat better, healthier, and more conveniently. “Eating” is the primary focus of our business. We continue to develop and deepen our strategy for the food services business in order to better serve all aspects of the industry, covering everything from marketing to delivery, IT systems and supply chain operations.

Live Better

Consumers not only need to eat. They also need to watch movies, travel, stay in hotels, see to personal grooming, and access other various lifestyle services. Thus, Meituan will strive to create more value for consumers and merchants across a broader range of consumption scenarios, thereby fulfilling our mission to help people “eat better, live better”.

Meituan’s Values

We firmly believe in a handful of simple values that attract people to accomplish both ordinary and great things together. These are our values:


All of Meituan’s strategies and actions are designed to cater to customers’ demands. The company was born to solve problems and create value for its customers.


Honest management is the foundation of our company’s sustainable development. When facing questions of principle, we are willing to sacrifice our short-term interests to achieve long-term success.

Our hiring and promotion processes select those who possess a combination of both integrity and ability. Between these, however, integrity comes first.

Win-Win Cooperation

Our business, compared to most internet companies, is complex, with diverse, complicated formats and many different links in our operational processes. Only when all of our platforms, business lines, online/offline teams and ecosystem partners work together can we serve our customers well.

Striving for Excellence

Our business needs to continuously improve itself and provide excellent service to maintain our reputation amongst customers. The characteristics of the low-margin industries in which we operate require us to improve processes and optimize efficiency. This aids us in building cost-leading barriers to entry that must be supported by products and technology, which continually strive for perfection. Our industry is advancing by leaps and bounds, and this requires us to learn and evolve as an organization. It also requires each of us to learn, grow, and strive to surpass ourselves on a continuous basis.

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