Meituan Opens Global Leading Delivery Platform with New Brand Meituan Delivery

BEIJING, May 6, 2019 -- Meituan (HKG: 3690) (the "Company"), China's leading e-commerce platform for services, today officially launched a new brand "Meituan Delivery" and announced the opening of its global leading delivery platform in order to extend service to more industries and more customers.

Meituan Delivery will open its technology platform, delivery network and value chains to ecosystem partners, enabling them to improve operating efficiency, reduce logistics cost and drive growth of the real economy.

"Meituan will open its delivery network to more customers and extend the network to various industries," said Wang Puzhong, Meituan senior vice president and president of the Company's at-home business group. "The extension and opening of Meituan's delivery network will help establish a more flexible delivery platform by customizing services for different industries, upgrading our delivery dispatch system, and improving delivery infrastructure."

Meituan's global leading on-demand delivery platform is serving more than 3.6 million merchants and 400 million consumers nationwide, covering more than 2,800 cities and counties with nearly 10,000 delivery stations and warehouses and more than 600,000 daily active riders. Meituan's daily food delivery orders exceeded 25 million on April 20, 2019.

"With the opening of our delivery platform, Meituan will leverage our delivery resources to better fulfill diversified needs of users and merchants, while integrating delivery resources to improve the overall urban logistics efficiency," said Wei Wei, general manager of Meituan Delivery.

Meituan started to build its own delivery network in 2015 and launched its Premium Delivery service to meet the surging needs for efficient on-demand food delivery. In 2016, Speedy Delivery service was introduced to diversify its delivery services. Meituan launched its first autonomous delivery vehicle "Xiaodai" in 2018.

Meituan's delivery platform relies on its "Super Brain" – the real-time intelligent dispatch system, which enables Meituan to complete a delivery within 30 minutes on average. The dispatch system can perform about 2.9 billion route planning algorithm operations per hour during daily peak times, and calculate the optimized delivery routes in an average of 0.55 milliseconds, according to Sun Zhizhao, CTO of Meituan Delivery.

In addition, Meituan has developed four delivery models -- point-to-point shuttle delivery, galaxy network delivery, integrated warehouse inventory delivery, and smart terminal delivery -- to serve convenience stores, super markets, retail stores, and office buildings, which can meet the different needs of merchants, improve delivery efficiency and reduce logistics costs.

With the open delivery platform, Meituan will develop a powerful and comprehensive delivery ecosystem by attracting more partners from the upstream and downstream industry chain, leveraging resources from difference parties, sharing delivery orders with third-party logistics companies and collaborating with more merchants.

Media contact: pr.global@meituan.com